A personal look at the world

The photographs in these galleries were taken over several years. They are a mixture of local snaps as well as images captured during business trips to more far-flung parts of the world. Those visits introduced me to great venues but all too often, work got in the way. That might explain the higher incidence of early morning and late evening shots. Even so, I’m very grateful for the past opportunities to travel and look forward to more in the future.

The subjects all caught my eye or fired my imagination. However, what the camera actually captured was rarely what I imagined or anticipated. Today’s digital cameras are so capable that there is no point in “blaming the tools”. All weaknesses here are all the fault of the operator.

If you take the time to look through these galleries, please, may I suggest that you take a little more and send me your critiques and thoughts for improvements. Different opinions (even those that are less than complimentary) are always welcome, - but I don’t promise to act on every suggestion.

George P. (Houston, 2011 ~)